10 Tips For Landscape Design In Dry Areas

There is no denying that any landscape design will be constrained by the location it is being created in and more specifically, what the climate is in that area. For example, the types of plants, shrubs, and grasses that will thrive in cold, damp climates is going to be somewhat different than those that can be planted in those climates that tend to be dry and hot.

Given that we are based in Western Australia, we would suggest that the latter of those two climates is going to more applicable given that for much of the year evaporation exceeds rainfall, and we have areas that see no rain for 6 months at a time. Your plans will also change drastically depending on personal preferences such as the plants you want, whether you want a pool installed or a large open area, limestone flooring or composite decking installation etc.

Of course, not every region of WA is as dry as that but in general most landscape designs need to be on the side of there being a lack of moisture and lots of heat, making sure you implement fire services protection to fight a possible fire. This then brings us to consider what kinds of landscape design would suit the drier conditions that we experience.To give you some idea as to what can be achieved, here are 10 landscape design tips that are best suited to dry areas.

  1. If you live in a dry, hot area then it makes sense that you consider plants that are well known for being grown in those kinds of conditions. Research areas where there is a lot of sunshine and little rain and see what garden services and landscapers are planting there.
  2. Plant your flora and fauna when they are small. Larger or older pants tend to have roots systems which are shallow making them more prone to suffering from heat and a lack of moisture.

7 Landscaping Design Ideas For Gardens Without Lawns

There is often a misconception that landscaping design invariably includes a lawn or larger areas of grass, but that is simply not the case. There are numerous reasons why a landscape design might not include grass areas, with the simplest of them being that the garden that is being designed does not have a lawn.

Whether the lack of a lawn is a result of the homeowner choosing not to have one, or the garden in question cannot have one due to soil or other horticultural problems that prevent it, will vary from garden to garden. The good news is that the lack of lawn does not prevent an awesome landscape design from being created, and if you read further you will see we have outlined no fewer than seven landscaping design ideas for such a lawn-free garden.

Stones/Paving: The scope for using stone and/or paving within a landscape design is almost limitless given the number of options available. This applies not just to the types of stone and paving that can be utilised, but also to how they are incorporated into the landscaping design. Examples include the simplistic such as an unassuming paved patio or a more decorative option which is to use stones of multiple sizes, colours, and shapes to create walkways throughout the garden.

10 Reasons Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners Is The Best Option

When it comes to carpet cleaning and couch cleaning you have options which are to do it yourself or to hire professional couch cleaners or a carpet cleaning company to do it for you. Whether the carpets in question are in your home or your office, the choice is the same, although a caveat is that your business might employ general cleaners, however, they are unlikely to be expert carpet cleaners.

So, why would you choose to pay a carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets instead of cleaning them yourself? Well, here are ten reasons why you should do so and why it is the best option for homes and offices.

Reason To Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners #1 – Their Knowledge And Experience

No surprise that this is the #1 reason simply because, as with anything that you need to be done within your home or office, it is always best to go to the experts. Their knowledge and experience will help ensure that the work gets done properly and to the highest standards.

10 Characteristics To Look For When Buying Quality Kitchen Cabinets

It is hard to disagree with those who believe that the main influence on the quality of kitchen renovations is the kitchen cabinets. Given that there are so many variables in materials, and the means of constructing kitchen cabinets, such as production lines or cabinet makers, it is true to say that in kitchens everywhere the quality of the cabinets is going to vary.

This brings us to the question “What determines the quality of kitchen cabinets?”, and the importance of the answer to that question is that it is what every homeowner should be looking for when they wish to have high-quality cabinets installed in their kitchen. So, without further ado, let us examine the ten characteristics to look for when you wish to buy quality kitchen cabinets.

Quality Kitchen Cabinet Characteristic #1 – Made By Cabinet Makers

Whether it is furniture, clothes, or, in this case, kitchen cabinets, we all know that anything which is created by hand will invariably be made to a higher standard and offer a greater level of quality than products made on a production line.

10 Points To Consider Before Adding Artificial Grass To Your Landscaping

When landscapers are asked to create a new landscape design for a homeowner’s garden, one feature that often gets asked about is artificial grass. Artificial grass continues to be popular, and increasingly so, primarily due to the advances in the technology used to create it, which means modern artificial grass is the closest it has ever been to looking and feeling like the real thing.

Of course, it is not the real thing, and according to Principal Landscapes, there are several factors that homeowners must consider before opting for artificial grass. It is also the case that some have chosen it based on myths and misconceptions and been surprised or even disappointed that it was not how they expected it to be.

That is not a criticism of artificial grass, as it is an excellent option for many landscaped gardens, both domestic and commercial. However, if you are considering it for your landscape design, then it is important that you do so armed with all the facts on artificial grass and that you have considered the pros and cons. What follows should help you achieve those aims.

#1- It Is Low Maintenance NOT “No Maintenance”: One of the biggest myths that surrounds artificial grass is that it is maintenance-free. It is not. Yes, it requires less maintenance than real grass, but you still need to clear it of debris and rake it occasionally to keep its appearance.

Kitchen Trends That Won’t Go Out of Fashion

One of the hardest parts about kitchen renovations is the fear that whatever design you decide will ultimately go out of fashion. You would have just spent a lot of your hard-earned money on the new space, and the last thing you want is for it to look dated within only a few years.

However, you may be able to avoid that issue if you go with timeless features and designs that don’t age. These below could be some of them.

Earthy and Wellness Designs

In recent years, kitchens that promote social get-togethers and feature light colours, greenery, and natural materials have been in hot demand. They are the epitome of lightness, brightness, and space without taking on a defining design that could go out of style in the near future.

These kitchen styles also generally feature one paint colour and gain their style through the use of accessories. As a result, they are a timeless kitchen design that would make any homeowner smile.

Two-Tone Cabinetry

Storage is an important factor when creating a new kitchen. As a result, many people install wall to ceiling cabinetry that caters to their needs. Once you paint that cabinetry, it’s easy to find yourself with challenges on how to break up the colours. By asking your cabinet makers to install two-tone cabinetry, the colours are easily broken up.

This involves adding an island bar or counter of a different complementary colour. Having two colour tones is undoubtedly a trend that never seems to go out of fashion.

Four Reasons to Install Eco-Friendly Plumbing

Eco-friendly plumbing is becoming increasingly popular across the world. As technology advances, our ability to save water in our homes and workplaces is improving rapidly. And, with the state of the world’s water resources as they are, it’s crucial to conserve water wherever possible.

With this in mind, we decided to look closer at eco-friendly plumbing, its benefits, and a few reasons you should consider installing it. In the rest of this article, we’ve outlined these reasons in more detail. They include:

  1. It Will Help You Save Water

For starters, eco-friendly plumbing is one of the best ways to save water. Since the world’s water stocks are as low as they’ve been for millennia, this is absolutely essential.

There are numerous ways that your plumber can implement eco-friendly plumbing to help you save water, including:

  • Water will flow slower, so you will use less water on showers and general washing-up activities.
  • Things like toilets will use significantly less water.
  • Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines will be more efficient.

As you can imagine, these are far from the only benefits. We’d recommend speaking with your local plumbers for more information.

Five Reasons to Include an Outdoor Dining Area in Your Landscape Design Plan

Without praising them too much, outdoor dining areas are great. We believe that every homeowner should weigh up the pros and cons of including one in their landscape design plan, especially if you have a lot of space and live in a good climate.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of benefits associated with building an outdoor dining area. We’ve trawled the internet and drawn on our years of industry experience to bring you the following list of five reasons to include an outdoor dining area in your backyard.

  1. They Are Great for Entertaining

Outdoor dining areas are great for entertaining friends and family. This is especially true if you’re lucky enough to live in a part of Australia with a warm, dry climate that isn’t too hot.

Including things like a BBQ, fancy lighting and an outdoor dining suite as part of your outdoor dining area will only make it more functional. Really, who would say no to sitting under the stars with a cold drink on a warm summer’s evening?

  1. They Are Attractive and Require Little Maintenance

If you lead a busy life, then the chances are that you don’t want to design a backyard which requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Fortunately, outdoor dining areas paired with a few plants in garden pots are simple and require very little looking after, other than a quick sweep or wash down from time to time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Glass Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is one of the most popular choices when it comes to building a new pool fence in Australia. Glass pool fences come in two main styles – frameless and semi-frameless – and they can be adapted and modified to meet the needs of your home.

People choose to install glass pool fences for a lot of different reasons. Some people like the idea of their pool fencing being made from a material like glass, some people find it aesthetically appealing and some people simply feel that it slots nicely into their overall landscape design whether it be DIY or completed by professional landscapers, you find from Landscapers Network.

With this in mind, here’s 5 reasons why you should consider using glass pool fencing:

  1. Glass Looks Great!

There’s no denying that glass fences look amazing when they’re used in the right setting. Clear, clean panels of secured by shiny stainless steel fittings – a fence made out of these materials has the potential to transform any pool area. Many people decide to use glass for their pool fences simply because they think it looks better than the other options.

  1. Glass Is Easy To Maintain

Maintenance is an important thing to consider when it comes to pool fences. If you let your fence become run down and worn, then it might not meet the relevant safety standards any more. This could lead to large fines and other penalties if you get caught. Glass is very easy to maintain, and needs nothing more than a quick clean from time to time.

How to Create a Peaceful Paradise Outdoors

When you work in a hectic environment all day every day, it’s important to come home and unwind somewhere that represents the complete opposite. That’s why when you begin your landscaping plans, you need to incorporate as many relaxation-promoting components as possible.

When you want the most peaceful paradise on offer, you will find that landscaping experts can be of assistance, but you can also do many things yourself. Here are a few ways to gain that serenity you require in your backyard.

Outdoor Furniture

Believe it or not, your choice of outdoor furniture can either offer or ruin the peace you were hoping to achieve. When you begin making landscaping plans, think about what you wanted the focal point of the area to be. Did you want a dining area out there? Did it need to be centre stage? Or, are you after relaxing furniture that enables you to sit or lie back, relax, and catch a few ZZZs on the weekend? Before you go ahead and buy furniture, consider what you would use it for.

Depending on where you live in Australia, you may find you get plenty of privacy with no neighbours, or everyone appears to be peering in your yard. During your landscaping plans, you need to factor in how to combat nosy neighbours or add a sense of seclusion from others. Consider the use of wood panelling or trellis, hedges, tall potted plants, divider walls, and partitions.