Kitchen Trends That Won’t Go Out of Fashion

One of the hardest parts about kitchen renovations is the fear that whatever design you decide will ultimately go out of fashion. You would have just spent a lot of your hard-earned money on the new space, and the last thing you want is for it to look dated within only a few years.

However, you may be able to avoid that issue if you go with timeless features and designs that don’t age. These below could be some of them.

Earthy and Wellness Designs

In recent years, kitchens that promote social get-togethers and feature light colours, greenery, and natural materials have been in hot demand. They are the epitome of lightness, brightness, and space without taking on a defining design that could go out of style in the near future.

These kitchen styles also generally feature one paint colour and gain their style through the use of accessories. As a result, they are a timeless kitchen design that would make any homeowner smile.

Two-Tone Cabinetry

Storage is an important factor when creating a new kitchen. As a result, many people install wall to ceiling cabinetry that caters to their needs. Once you paint that cabinetry, it’s easy to find yourself with challenges on how to break up the colours. By asking your cabinet makers to install two-tone cabinetry, the colours are easily broken up.

This involves adding an island bar or counter of a different complementary colour. Having two colour tones is undoubtedly a trend that never seems to go out of fashion.

Matte Finish Cabinetry

Whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen, one part of it that has never gone out of style and likely never will is the matte finish. Matte finishing looks beautiful on light colours, but even more so on dark. It also absorbs light rather than reflect it like gloss cabinetry, so it’s far easier to keep clean.

If you’re about to undertake a kitchen renovation and have young children, a matte finish can be a way to save you a lot of time cleaning the kitchen.

Feature Colours

Whether you use a feature colour in your accessories or on a piece of furniture in the kitchen, you’ll likely find it stands the test of time. Of course, the colour you choose may not always be on-trend, but it’s simple enough to change given that it’s not overtaking the entire space.

Many people that opt for simple white kitchens tend to prefer feature colours. They can gain all the vibrancy they want through their splashbacks, a single colourful cupboard, and accessories like cookie jars and kitchen appliances.

As long as the feature colour works in harmony with the kitchen cabinetry colour, it’s a recipe for success.

Statement Lighting

If your kitchen has an island or bar in the heart of it, then statement lighting can be worth your time and money. You can install beautiful pendant lights above it, which add much class and style to the kitchen without being an overpowering addition.

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