7 Landscaping Design Ideas For Gardens Without Lawns

There is often a misconception that landscaping design invariably includes a lawn or larger areas of grass, but that is simply not the case. There are numerous reasons why a landscape design might not include grass areas, with the simplest of them being that the garden that is being designed does not have a lawn.

Whether the lack of a lawn is a result of the homeowner choosing not to have one, or the garden in question cannot have one due to soil or other horticultural problems that prevent it, will vary from garden to garden. The good news is that the lack of lawn does not prevent an awesome landscape design from being created, and if you read further you will see we have outlined no fewer than seven landscaping design ideas for such a lawn-free garden.

Stones/Paving: The scope for using stone and/or paving within a landscape design is almost limitless given the number of options available. This applies not just to the types of stone and paving that can be utilised, but also to how they are incorporated into the landscaping design. Examples include the simplistic such as an unassuming paved patio or a more decorative option which is to use stones of multiple sizes, colours, and shapes to create walkways throughout the garden.