10 Points To Consider Before Adding Artificial Grass To Your Landscaping

When landscapers are asked to create a new landscape design for a homeowner’s garden, one feature that often gets asked about is artificial grass. Artificial grass continues to be popular, and increasingly so, primarily due to the advances in the technology used to create it, which means modern artificial grass is the closest it has ever been to looking and feeling like the real thing.

Of course, it is not the real thing, and according to Principal Landscapes, there are several factors that homeowners must consider before opting for artificial grass. It is also the case that some have chosen it based on myths and misconceptions and been surprised or even disappointed that it was not how they expected it to be.

That is not a criticism of artificial grass, as it is an excellent option for many landscaped gardens, both domestic and commercial. However, if you are considering it for your landscape design, then it is important that you do so armed with all the facts on artificial grass and that you have considered the pros and cons. What follows should help you achieve those aims.

#1- It Is Low Maintenance NOT “No Maintenance”: One of the biggest myths that surrounds artificial grass is that it is maintenance-free. It is not. Yes, it requires less maintenance than real grass, but you still need to clear it of debris and rake it occasionally to keep its appearance.

#2 – It Costs More Than Real Grass: In almost all cases, the cost of artificial grass, including the laying of it, will cost significantly more than real turf. On the plus side, in time, due to lower maintenance costs, the difference can be recouped.

#3 – Adjacent South-Facing Windows Could Be An Issue: If your artificial grass is laid extremely close to a south-facing window, sunlight can reflect from the window onto the artificial grass, and the heat can cause it to melt. Most landscapers can incorporate a fix for this when creating your landscape design.

#4 – It Does Not Look And Feel Exactly Like Real Grass: This should go without saying; however, some artificial grass companies overstate how real their grass feels. Admittedly, today’s artificial grasses are a close match, but none will look and feel exactly like a real lawn.

#5 – Good Drainage Is Essential: If water is allowed to sit under an artificial lawn for too long, it can compromise the base. This means that part of the design of your new lawn must include proper drainage, including the installation of pipework if necessary.

#6 – The Colour Will Fade In Time: Something that affects most things that are exposed to prolonged sunlight is fading, and artificial grass is no exception. Better-quality artificial grass can come with a 10-year warranty which will cover the fading so bear that in mind when choosing.

#7 – Keen Gardeners Might Feel They Are Cheating: The feedback that keen gardeners provide when they have artificial grass installed is that they feel they are cheating, given that there is no need to mow or feed their lawn.

#8 – It Can Feel Hot In Summer: During the hot days of summer, artificial grass can heat up, although it will never do so to a level that can burn anyone. A clever tactic to lower the temperature is to apply a sand infill that cools the grass or simply spray it with cold water.

#9 – It Is Not Regarded As Eco-Friendly As Real Grass: Given that it is not a natural product and is created from synthetic materials, there is an argument as to it not the most environmentally friendly product, especially compared to real grass.

#10 – Its Lifespan Is 8 To 15 Years: Influenced heavily by the quality and how well it is installed, you can expect your artificial grass to last at least 8 years and normally to around 15 years, although some of the top products can last 20 years.

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