our services1) Know where your food comes from. Contrary to popular belief food does not simply come from the supermarket. The vegetables found in the supermarket are often grown on larger farms that are forced to rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides due to their economies of scale. While food awareness can be an intensely political and polarizing issue; it does not seem unreasonable to assume that eating food that has not been sprayed with synthetic chemicals is healthier than eating food that has. It is certainly unlikely that organic foods are MORE detrimental to your health. Research in this area is still relatively unexplored due to the newness of the field. Feel free to look at the research available so far; in fact, we encourage it. I’ve provided a few articles below to help you start. Results so far have been mixed. It is clear that eating store bought food won’t give you cancer or heart disease in the next year or anything like that. Conversely, eating organic food won’t make you immune to sickness or turn you into a superhero. However, feeding you and your family with food that hasn’t been sprayed with synthetic chemicals is the obvious safe choice. I can also assure feeling a sense of satisfaction eating foods that you know are safe. You know where your backyard is and thus you know exactly where your fresh produce came from.

2) Support local small businesses. We are a business based right here in the Magic City of Birmingham. We are a part of this community and are thus committed to providing fellow members of the community with a high quality service. The money you spend on us stays right here in the state. It doesn’t get shipped out to a big corporation based somewhere else, domestic or abroad. By almost all accounts Alabama is about the fifth poorest state in the Union. By buying local products (not just from us) you are doing your part in helping Alabama’s economic success. Another advantage of buying locally is that our customers are our neighbors and know exactly where to find us. Thus we have an incentive to provide the best possible service to our clients because they are the people we see around town everyday. So buy locally to help yourself, your neighbors, and the state of Alabama.

3) Help save the environment. Having an environmentally friendly garden helps reduce your carbon footprint. With one of our customizable gardens you don’t have to pour resources into chemicals for your lawn. The garden itself helps nutrients reenter your soil thus making the soil healthier and more productive. In addition to improving the quality of your soil you will also spend less time shopping at the grocery store and instead will eat fresher produce from your own backyard. You’ll end up saving time, gas, and a good deal of money.