How to Take Care of Your Pool Cleaner

If you have a pool, you may have one of those amazing automatic pool cleaners to help take care of it, but how do you care for the cleaner? Without it, you’ll find your work load doubled, so it’s a good idea to keep it well-maintained just like any other piece of machinery to ensure it doesn’t break down.

While cleaners may differ in their maintenance needs depending on the type and model, here are some general tips to help you look after your pool cleaner

  • If the cleaner has its own filter bag or basket, make sure it is emptied out frequently.
  • If your cleaner is supposed to climb walls and it doesn’t, or if it falls off, you will need to set the AD valve in the skimmer box to the next highest number so the suction is stronger.
  • If it starts and stops all the time, it may be due to a leak in the hose. Take the hose out of the water and feel all along it, listening for air being sucked through a hole. Check it for blockages too.
  • You can also turn the cleaner off and check the diaphragm for tears or for blockage as this will sometimes cause the device to start and stop.