Using Native Plants to Create a Sustainable Garden

When it comes to developing a sustainable garden, many people choose to leave everything in the hands of their favourite landscape architects. However, it can be extremely fun and rewarding to do things yourself, especially if you have a tight budget and a bit of time on your hands.

If your aim is to create a sustainable garden which can be enjoyed by you, your family, and all of the area’s wildlife, then there are a few things that you should think about. One of the best ways to make your garden sustainable – with Australia’s tough conditions – is to use native plants.

Why should you plant natives in your garden?

To begin with, native plants look great, are usually easy to grow, and don’t require a whole lot of attention. Historically, people have chosen not to use natives as garden plants, instead opting for species from places like Europe or the Americas.

Unfortunately, the climate in these places is usually a lot cooler and wetter than in Australia, which means that these plants are not suited to our climate. This means that they need a lot more water to thrive, and often need a lot of synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals. Natives do not, as explained below.

How are natives sustainable?

As expected, native plants are adapted to deal with Australia’s tough environment. They are easy to grow, look great, and are very environmentally friendly. Some of the things that make native plants more sustainable than others include:

  • They are usually very drought tolerant, and don’t require a lot of water to prosper.
  • They are adapted to Australia’s poor soils, and therefore do well without a lot of fertiliser.
  • The heat won’t hurt them (unless you plant things from Tasmania).
  • They are often resistant to local diseases and pests, meaning you have to use less chemicals.

What other benefits are associated with native plants?

Native plants are more than just environmentally friendly. They also look great, smell great, and are easy to grow. However, one of the major benefits of planting natives in your new garden is the wildlife that they will attract.

Many native animals depend on local plants for food and shelter. If you plant these things in your garden, you can expect to make a lot of new friends. Things like birds and insects will be the first to move in, and small mammals and reptiles may follow, especially if you live in a rural or semi-rural area.

Natives are great!

As you can see, natives are obviously great things to plant in your garden. They are very well adapted to Australia’s tough conditions, and don’t need a lot of maintenance. Speak to your local gardening expert to discover what natives are suited to your climate and location!

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