5 Tips for Choosing a Turf Farm to Buy Lawn From

Buying a new roll on lawn has never been easier when designing your yard. Some people buy from wholesalers or other gardening shops, while others decide to buy directly from a turf farm. Turf farms are probably the best option if there is one near you, as they can deliver high quality, fresh-cut roll on lawn at an extremely affordable price.

Landscaping Sydney advise that If you are lucky enough to live near a few different turf farms – which you probably will if you live in a big city – you will need to choose the best one to buy your grass from. Choosing a turf farm can be difficult, but it starts with choosing one who has a good reputation and who can deliver a high quality product on time and at an affordable price.

Our top five tips for choosing a turf farm to buy lawn from include:

  1. Compare prices:

The first thing to do is to compare the prices of turf from different farms. Some farms will be aiming for a more upper class market, which means that they might charge more for the same product. Others will deliver poor quality products, but probably won’t charge a whole lot. Decide on your budget, and then shop around a bit to decide who offers the best prices for the types of grass you need.

  1. Pay attention to their reputation:

A turf farm with a lot of experience and a decent reputation should always be your first stop when it comes to buying roll-on grass. A lot of turf farms try and sell off their second-grade products to direct buyers, so make sure that you read past customers reviews to see if they have tried to do this before.

  1. See how friendly they are:

Most people will, logically, want to buy their grass from a turf farm who employs friendly, knowledgeable staff. If there are a few different farms within comfortable driving distance from your home, visit them and talk to them about your options. The ones who really care about helping you will be friendly and happy to help you out.

  1. Ask if they deliver:

A lot of turf farms won’t deliver orders below a certain size. If you don’t have your own ute or truck to pick your roll-on lawn up, this can be a problem. If possible, go with a turf farm who is happy to drop your order off at a time that suits you – remember, customer service is everything.

  1. Ask them what sort of grasses they have:

Before visiting turf farms, do your research and make sure that you have a fair idea of what sort of grass you want to buy. Some types of grasses are suited to extreme environments, while others are better when planted in city settings. Go with a turf farm who can supply you with the type of grass you need.

While choosing a turf farm to buy your roll-on lawn from can be difficult, there are plenty of choices out there. Think about the above points, and good luck!