10 Points To Consider Before Adding Artificial Grass To Your Landscaping

When landscapers are asked to create a new landscape design for a homeowner’s garden, one feature that often gets asked about is artificial grass. Artificial grass continues to be popular, and increasingly so, primarily due to the advances in the technology used to create it, which means modern artificial grass is the closest it has ever been to looking and feeling like the real thing.

Of course, it is not the real thing, and according to Principal Landscapes, there are several factors that homeowners must consider before opting for artificial grass. It is also the case that some have chosen it based on myths and misconceptions and been surprised or even disappointed that it was not how they expected it to be.

That is not a criticism of artificial grass, as it is an excellent option for many landscaped gardens, both domestic and commercial. However, if you are considering it for your landscape design, then it is important that you do so armed with all the facts on artificial grass and that you have considered the pros and cons. What follows should help you achieve those aims.

#1- It Is Low Maintenance NOT “No Maintenance”: One of the biggest myths that surrounds artificial grass is that it is maintenance-free. It is not. Yes, it requires less maintenance than real grass, but you still need to clear it of debris and rake it occasionally to keep its appearance.