Raised beds are a favorite for neat, organized gardeners or clients who do not have arable soil. The advantage of raised beds is that they often look more professional than dug in beds and are thus more suitable for public areas. They are also easier to maintain because they automatically organize the garden which makes all functions easier to perform (planting, mulching, watering, etc.). And while some produce can struggle in closed containers they are suitable for the vast majority of produce grown in suburban areas.

We offer to build raised beds in a wide variety of materials. Our most popular beds are made from untreated 2x4s; these beds will generally last 3-5 years and since they are untreated it’s safe to grow produce in. We have also build raised beds using flagstone, cinder blocks, and regular brick. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the process of getting a raised bed put in please don’t hesitate to contact us.